The Perfect Shot

Austin bluebonnet photography – it’s a yearly ritual here, and I’ve done many shoots of my family and others in this great town. And every time, it’s a bit of a mad rush to get a good shot quickly with cranky kids and cars zooming by. A lot of these bluebonnet fields are right off the road, so in March and April you can drive down these roads and see families all crowded together, about 30 feet from their car, trying to get a good shot. Most of these shoots seem to happen in the middle of the day, which is not the best time for taking these photos unless you have some additional gear to deal with the sun.

This painting is called “The Perfect Shot”, and it’s my way of capturing this photo frenzy 🙂 I thought it would be hilarious of the dad was the only person interested in taking the actual picture.

The original is an acrylic painting on board.

Collections: Austin, Paint

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