Seven Seas Hut


One of my favorite drinks is any drink involving Mt. Krakatoa! It's the inspiration for this personalized tiki image called "Seven Seas Hut". 

Now you can have this piece of artwork personalized with your own family! I'll take the photos that you send me (up to 4 people or pets) and place them into this unique tiki setting. I'll create an original sketch, and once you approve it I will create the final artwork in the computer.

I'll have a canvas delivered directly to you. If you like, I'll even embellish the canvas first with acrylic paint for a unique look. 

And for a truly amazing experience, I have a limited number of opportunities for a completely original acrylic painting! I'll take that computer image I created and paint it as an original for you on an 24"x36" board. The final image will be as vibrant and unique as your family.


Canvas Sized at 20"x30" of 24"x36"
Embellishment with Acrylic Paint Available
Original Is Acrylic On Canvas Board, 24"x36" unframed
Framing options available