A Bottle of Red



My most-favorite Billy Joel song is "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant". In it, he tells the story of enjoying wine at an Italian cafe, reminiscing about old times. About halfway through the song, he tells the story of Brenda and Eddie who got married too early, had money issues, and eventually divorced.

I felt like there was a painting in that story, so I created this piece called "A Bottle of Red". I wanted to show the difference between the couple on the right and Brenda and Eddie on the left. The right side is brighter, with a big window, while the left side has separate windows and darker shades.

We never hear what happened to Brenda and Eddie (only they "find a way to survive"). So perhaps they are still together?

BTW, the best version of this song is from the "Live At Shea Stadium" album :)

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