Let's talk tiki!

Hello there! My name is Eric and I’m an artist based in Orlando. Do you love all things tiki? Perhaps you love the music, or the art, or the drinks? 🍹🍹 😀 I love it all and in 2019 I created a tiki art piece featuring our family as a giant tiki pole. I really enjoyed the personalized aspect of the art and so I decided to launch the Tiki Collection!

The process to create these images is easy! I'll take the photos that you send me and place them into one of these tiki settings. Once you approve the sketch I'll create the final artwork in the computer.

I'll have a canvas delivered directly to you and if you like I'll even embellish the canvas first with acrylic paint for a unique look. 

And for a truly amazing experience, I have a limited number of opportunities for a completely original acrylic painting! I'll take that computer image I created and paint it as an original for you! The final image will be as vibrant and unique as your family.

Here's a short video about the collection:


"I described to Eric a wonderful day for my family in St Thomas and he turned it into an amazing work of art. I just love looking at it as a reminder of the best day ever, especially now when we really miss days like those. He communicated with me all along to make sure it was everything I hoped and he exceeded our expectations. The style, the colors and the memories are everything!"

Violet & Michael, California
Verified Collectors

"Our family has had the pleasure of working with Eric for many years. Eric really takes the time to get to know his clients so that each project is more than just a beautiful piece of art or photo to hang on the wall...it’s a memory. "

Amanda & Joel, Texas
Verified Collectors

"Eric created a fabulous art piece from a photo session that fits our local community and looks amazing and is proudly displayed in our home."

Santa Phil, Texas
Verified Collector