Episode 2: Deliberate Practice & Drawing Disney

February 13, 2017

Episode 2: Deliberate Practice & Drawing Disney

Episode 2 : Deliberate Practice and Drawing Disney is now available!

First off, a big thanks to all of you that have subscribed, liked or commented on the channel. I really appreciate it! It’s been fun seeing the reaction so far – definitely the Wacom MobileStudio Pro review has been popular! Wacom has since released a new driver update which has addressed a lot of my issues. I’ll post a video about it soon.

For this episode, I wanted to talk about deliberate practice. Perhaps you have heard of the term, or maybe not? It’s a ‘different type’ of practice. Instead of just putting in the hours to get better at a task, deliberate practice is about asking yourself questions while you are practicing, answering them, and then using those answers to affect your practice.

In this episode I discuss it in a little more detail and a quick example. I also show some of the Disney practice work I mentioned I would be doing in Episode 1. I decided to practice in that style for a week, because I wanted to see how comfortable I could get with the forms and gestures that make that look so unique. After a week of drawing Disney villains, I could definitely pick out the angles and traits which were common among most of them. It was a fun exercise!

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Here are some of the links I mentioned in this week’s episode:

Sycra’s video on deliberate practice (he calls it ‘Iterative Drawing’):

An article by James Clear (I didn’t mention it in the video, but it’s a good one):

Zack Arias Light Modifier tests:

How To Draw Disney Villains Book:

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